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Car Show Entry

Proceeds to benefit B.E.S.T, BEST Building Empowering Succeeding Together. B.E.S.T is a non-profit organization that teaches life skills and leadership to at risk youth, families of children with autism and ADHD thru educational and support group meetings, trainings and annual summer camps.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes are awarded by the children who attend summer camps.

Show Rules & Regulations:
-Exhibitor's registration number must be clearly displyed on the show vehicle. Exhibitors will recevie registration number upon check-in.
-All vehicles need to provide cardboard to park under, parking will be on the grass and to prevent damage cardbaord must be palced under vehicle.
-All vehicles must be parked and ready for display an hour beofre the doors open.
-No loud music is allowed from the exhibitor's display area.
-Any display of questionable music, videos, art or other media may be removed form the show.
-Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their display area is clean prior to leaving the end of the show.
-Judges decisions are final.